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The OyunlagUils Intellectual Development Support Association based in Ulaanbaatar was established 2004. It is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization working to assist Mongolian youth in their development into active members of society, by providing social, educational, cultural activities. Since the late 90ties the authorities endeavor to reform and reorganize our educational system to meet the requirements of today market economy. The OyunlagUils works in cooperation with the other Mongolian NGOs, as well as with foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations for the welfare of Mongolia’s youth. We organize different kinds of events such as conferences, seminars. It is conducts its operation under authorization by Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia.
The Certificate number is: 4492 and register number is: RD1045857

Purpose :
The ideal of our organization is to support and assist adolescence and youths to become citizen that is highly educated with mental ability to work conforming to new era of globalization, free market economy and modern rapid technology development